Jacksonville, FL (Dec. 31, 2018) – For Community Hospice & Palliative Care’s Community PedsCare program, unwavering support from local businesses since its inception in 2000 has been a major difference-maker in its growth and innovative delivery of hospice and palliative care services to children from prenatal to age 21.

“As the Director of Community PedsCare, I am so blessed to touch the true meaning of the season! We have so many incredible people and businesses in our community that are aware, understand and feel the compassion to assist the children and the families in our pediatric hospice and palliative care programs,” said Patrice Austin.

These gestures are timely for the holiday season, but give the children and families in the program memories for years to come. Community PedsCare has been the recipient of these ongoing acts of generosity by just a few of the following community supporters:

  • Local father Brendan Hoffman creates and donates handmade dollhouse masterpieces in honor of his daughter to Community PedsCare
  • THE PLAYERS Championship recently donated hundreds of holiday gifts to deserving Community PedsCare children and families, including Lego sets, PS4 and gift cards
  • Stellar has been fulfilling gift wishes to Community PedsCare kids for several years and sponsored 55 of them this holiday season
  • Photographer Curt Coenen has given the gift of Santa photos to PedsCare children and families for 14 years
  • Helping Hands at Faith Community Church gifted decorated two-foot-tall trees to Community PedsCare families for the Hendricks Christmas Party, hosted annually by Community PedsCare
  • Each year, Hendricks Avenue Baptist Church hosts a festive holiday party for Community PedsCare families and children complete with Santa, music, delicious lunch, activities and good cheer
  • The Florida Theater donates Nutcracker tickets yearly to Community PedsCare families
  • Santa Lamm provides a stellar shopping experience for selected Community PedsCare families
  • Coquina Crossing Community and Sandy Collamati stuffed 166 Christmas stockings with toys for Community PedsCare children this holiday season
  • Johns Cares donates children’s toys and other supply needs yearly to Community PedsCare families and children
  • Jax Woodworkers Club handcrafts little wooden toys like cars, trucks, planes and trains for the Community PedsCare children each year

“Every extended effort speaks to the ownership our community takes in caring for the village of our children and their families touched by a complex medical need, chronic or end of life experience. Today, hospice for children focuses on living, capturing forever moments and shining the light of living. Thank you to all who bring light and joy to the lives of our own village in Jacksonville: our Community PedsCare families,” said Austin.

Community PedsCare offers palliative care for children with life-limiting and life-threatening conditions, along with hospice care for children and their families who seek to focus on life and living. The Community PedsCare team surrounds families and children with support and provides guidance to navigate the steps ahead so they can reach for comfort and quality.

For more information about Community PedsCare, please visit www.CommunityPedsCare.com.