Child Life Month Child Life Specialist Pediatric Care


For Child Life Month we’re celebrating Kayla Barnes’ amazing story of growth.


Kayla is a patient in our Community PedsCare program, a program uniquely designed to bring comfort and specialized care to patients from prenatal to age 21 and enhance their quality of life.

Like other patients with medical complexities, Kayla struggled with feeling different from her peers. Her Child Life Specialist, Leah Stapleton took action, facilitating a ‘coping card’ activity to help remind Kayla of the helpful techniques she has learned such as deep breathing and peace mantras to help her get through her school day.

When making her coping cards, Kayla was able to exercise autonomy and creativity which helps boost her self-esteem. “It has been rewarding to see Kayla grow in her confidence and as an individual person,” said Leah.

We're so thankful for Kayla and her Child Life Specialist, Leah!