Constance Thorpe Social Worker Community Hospice & Palliative Care

During National Social Work Month, we are highlighting the incredible work our dedicated social workers provide in caring for patients and their families at end-of-life.

We asked Constance Thorpe, MSW, to share her story and motivation in working as a social worker in hospice care.


My name is Constance Thorpe, MSW, and I have been working as a social worker at Community Hospice & Palliative Care since 2017. As a social worker, I provide supportive counseling to patients and families to help them understand and cope with a terminal illness. As a social worker, I fit within an interdisciplinary team of hospice professionals who help patients and families at end-of-life. I function as a liaison to the patient and families, making sure patients understand the terminology and prognosis they have received from the clinical team. I also help the clinical team understand the unique family dynamics of my patients, including any social and emotional concerns the family might have.

I enjoy helping people, and working as a social worker allows me to walk my patients and their families through rough times. I help provide them with support and various resources to empower them to work through end-of-life healthily. I encourage families to reflect on the good times, focusing on the positives of their lives and situations while also keeping them grounded. I find this process helps patients and families to thoroughly understand the end-of-life process.

I enjoy working at Community Hospice & Palliative Care because the environment is supportive, allowing me to grow and better serve my patients and families. For example, the management staff is always available to guide in rough situations. They are also constantly updating resources and sharing them with us as we need them.

Thank you, Constance, for the support you provide our patients and families, our interdisciplinary team, and our community!


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