Child Life Month in March celebrates child life specialists and the child life profession through education and raising awareness

By David Crumpler, The Florida Times-Union

Leah Stapleton, Emmalee Tresnan and Danielle Eaves are child life specialists at Community Hospice & Palliative Care. They work closely with children and their families in medical, home and classroom settings to provide emotional support and help develop coping strategies for all involved. All three said they love what they do.

“I love being able to support children, especially on their journey through hospice. I sometimes think with being in the adult population people forget about the child or assume they are not aware of what is going on,” Tresnan said.

“For me, I love the opportunity to be a positive part during the often stressful times in families’ lives,” Stapleton said.

“I’m proud to have been here for 12 years and to have watched these kids grow up and graduate from Community PedsCare because aging out is such a huge success,” Eaves said. “I think when people hear pediatric hospice and palliative, there’s such a misconception that we are working with dying children, but in fact, we’re helping children live their lives and to be kids. I feel that’s the most important role we play as Child Life Specialists.”