Child Life Month 2024 - Child Life Specialist Emmalee Tresnan

Child Life Specialists are a fundamental aspect of our Pediatric and Hospice Care programs, working closely with patients, their families, and friends to enhance the quality of life for those dealing with life-altering illnesses.


We asked our Child Life Specialist, Emmalee to share one of her favorite activities she facilitates with her patients, and how it helps enhance the lives of her patients every day.


Hi Emmalee, please tell us a little about yourself.

Hi. I'm Emmalee Tresnan and I have been working at Community Hospice for seven years! In my current role I serve PedsCare’s pediatric hospice families and perinatal families.

What is your favorite therapy to facilitate with PedsCare patients?

One of my favorite therapies to facilitate with PedsCare patients is memory making. While many may think that the tangible item created during memory making is the best part, the best part to me is seeing a family come together, laughing, bonding, and creating a lasting memory experience rather than just the tangible item. Don’t get me wrong…the item is also special and everlasting.

How do you facilitate this therapy?

Before starting any memory making project, I always ask for the families input. I am lucky to be able to learn so many things about memory making from the families themselves. Families teach us about their culture, traditions, and beliefs. I am honored to learn and help facilitate memory making that is individually special to each family. My role is to help provide materials, assist in creating the tangible items, facilitate life review, and encourage the bonding in this lasting experience.

What are you trying to achieve when facilitating this therapy?

The greatest goal I am working towards when engaging a family in memory making is creating a safe space for a positive lasting memory. I always hope that these experiences the family have are something they remember forever and make them smile. These are precious times that won’t be possible forever and I always strive to give a family as many opportunities as possible for these times together.

Do all Community PedsCare Patients have access to memory making?

One of my roles as a child life specialist in Community PedsCare is to facilitate memory making with families. This is a service we offer to all of our patients and families.

What brings you the most satisfaction when working with a patient and their family?

One of my favorite things to see is when a patient or sibling takes charge of the memory making project. It’s a beautiful thing to see the smiles, hear the laughs, and watch the sibling bonding that can happen.

Why do you enjoy being a Child Life Specialist?

It is a privilege and honor to be part of a families life during this sacred time. If I can help support a family at end-of-life, create memories, or provide them a lasting tangible item, I feel honored.


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