Inventory Specialist PT  - #5213

Opened: May 19,2017

Hours: Combination Days and Hours, Monday - Saturday

Department: Finance - Thrift Shop

Job Description: This position is primarily responsible for repairing, reconditioning, and refurbishing furniture, electronics, and other donated merchandise for in-store display and sale. Additional duties include 1. Merchandise pick-up of donated merchandise from residential and business locations, including heavy items such as furniture, appliances, large cartons etc., and subsequent delivery of these items to the Thrift Shop or its approved storage facility 2. excellent customer service in the Thrift Shop and at all pick-up locations 3. all other duties/tasks as directed by the Thrift Shop Supervisor or Retail Manager.  

Job Requirements: High school or GED, or equivalent experience. One year experience in a furniture handling role. Two years experience in furniture and electronic repair.