Our organization is faced with an unprecedented crisis as we respond to the needs of our patients, families and the community we serve. Our staff is continuing to provide essential hospice and palliative care services to our patients and families throughout 16 counties in North Florida. This crisis has significantly increased the need for personal protection equipment (PPE) for our staff as they are now following "universal precautions" on every patient encounter. That means that every staff member conducting direct patient care is wearing gloves and a mask on every visit and sometimes include a face shield and isolation gowns.

Additionally, we were able to launch a telehealth application that allows us to increase our contact with patients and families through secure video conferencing. This is vitally important for situations where a virtual contact is preferred to an in-person visit for our physicians, counselors and spiritual care. It will allow us to stay in touch with our patients in facilities where access has been greatly restricted. We are going to use this same technology to assist our families to connect with their loved ones in locations where access to visitors is greatly restricted.

We could use your support to help us fund these unexpected and unbudgeted items. We have worked together for the last 41 years to provide hospice and palliative care to this community. We have weathered many storms. I know we will come out of this current crisis as we stand together because “We Are Community!”

On behalf of our front line staff, thank you for donating to help our staff honor our 41-year Mission of Compassion!