Caring for a child with a complex health condition often means days filled with physical demands, emotional stress, financial burdens, therapy appointments, balancing the needs of other children and family members, and often continuously supervising the child. Community PedsCare® offers respite care so families of our pediatric patients can attend school meetings, siblings’ activities, funerals of family members, and doctors’ appointments, among other things.

To ensure respite care is always available for those in need, the Kelsi Leah Young Respite Care Fund has been established at the Community Hospice & Palliative Care Foundation. 

The Kelsi Leah Young Respite Care Fund provides the gift of rest to parents or guardians of children in the Community PedsCare program. Contributions to the Fund directly impact families’ quality of life by providing:

  • a pediatric nurse who is trained to handle the child’s specific needs;
  • respite for primary caregivers to take care of themselves and their families;
  • and peace of mind knowing that their child is receiving attentive quality care.

Your support ensures even more families have access to this invaluable care.

Visit our Facebook page to view pictures from the 12th Annual Kelsi Young Gift of Care Celebration.