Event details

Saturday, October 21, 2017

2 to 7 p.m.

Jacksonville Fairgrounds Exhibition Hall

510 Fairgrounds Place, Jacksonville, FL 32202

An innovative fundraising event, Halloween Doors & More began in 2005 as a means to build financial support and raise awareness of Community PedsCare while also delivering a memorable experience for Community PedsCare and First Coast families.

At this annual event, patients and their families have the opportunity to enjoy activities and entertainment where accommodations are made for their conditions without hampering their fun. Held in October at the Jacksonville Fairgrounds Exhibition Hall, Halloween Doors & More is a gala of a different sort. The event is fun and festive, not scary or spooky. Children trick-or-treat for toys at 14-feet-high fantasy “doors.”

For many parents, watching their children work their way through the doors is sheer delight. The broad smiles on their faces say it all. Many Community PedsCare children are so enthralled by the experience they don’t want to leave. One mother commented, “My child smiled more in one evening than she has the entire year.”

Hugely successful, Halloween Doors & More raised more than $425,000 in its first year, making it the biggest inaugural fundraiser in the city of Jacksonville. Since its inception the event has raised $4.2 million for Community PedsCare.

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